Finally an Amarr boost. 56% more cowbell.
February 4, 2008, 1:59 pm
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It seems the devs have actually been listening to Amarr pilots. They alluded to this in a dev chat podcast right after Fanfest but the details have emerged.

According to this dev blog they are boosting several ships. The Omen and Zealot get an additional turret. In addition they turned the Apocalypse into a sniper boat with a 200km+ effective range.

The Omen and Zealot could use some more damage, but the question becomes: how are they going to fit another turret with no additional CPU boost? I’ve been procrastinating buying my first Zealot but I will have to get one soon before the price soars in Syndicate. Man, it’s hard getting my hands on some tech 2 heavy pulse lasers.

It appears the Apocalypse has been given a role now. Before it was just a crappy version of the Abaddon. There was a lot of speculation swirling around that it would be turned in to a Khanid missile boat, but instead it’s been bumped in the powergrid department and cap recharge. There’s already some ship fittings that show it effectively sniping out well past the 200km mark. And it might even be sustainable before capping out! The Rokh still has it beat in the sniping department, but that’s a tier 3 BS versus a tier 2.

Perhaps the most interesting development is they’re doing a 10% armor EM resistance reduction on all tier 1 ships across the board. This is an effort to make Amarr lasers more effective in general. Not to mention there are a few ships out there that approach 94% EM resistance without rigs. Let’s face it, EM is the most craptacular damage type out there, and the Amarr are pigeonholed into using it. I’m undecided yet on if doing this to most ships is the best way to handle this, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

The Deimos gains a mid slot and loses a low slot. The Gallente whiner crew is out in full force. OMG the most damaging HAC in the game won’t melt faces as well anymore. The haters seem to forget that this will allow them to do a cap injector, MWD, scram, AND web. Solopwnmobile anyone?

There are a couple of Caldari ship improvements too, but noone flies those in PVP.


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