The state of nano ships
February 5, 2008, 4:02 pm
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A lot of posts on the eve-o forums talk about the flavor of the month (FOTM). This is the ship or tactic that is currently overpowered that a lot of pilots flock to. The ship or tactic gets nerfed and then it’s on to the next one. Some past examples include the nos-domi, the ECM Scorpion of death, or the damped Lachesis. Right now there isn’t really a flavor of the month. There’s a flavor of the year (FOTY, patent pending): the nanoship.

For those that haven’t heard, PVP in EVE is all about speed and range dictation. Speed is pretty self explanatory. If you can outrun your opponents, you can choose to fight or not. That’s real power in EVE. Range dictaction is being fast enough that you keep your opponent in your optimal range while being outside of their falloff. This has two major effects: you hit for full damage and they don’t hit you much at all. The nanoship has both speed and range dictation.

The nanoship accomplishes this in several ways. First, start out with a somewhat fast ship. Anything cruiser sized or smaller will do. This is typically a HAC or a recon ship, but there’s quite a few cheap T1 setups such as the Rupture or Stabber. By nature the Minmatar are going to excel at this with their base speed being a strength. Some interceptors can do this although they’re typically too fast and don’t have enough weaponry to actually kill anything. The second thing is, load up on overdrives, nanofibers, and inertial stabilizers. In that order. Three or more lowslots is a good start. Then load up on polycarbon rigs. Having a buffer shield tank is just icing on the cake. The epitome of this philosophy is the Vagabond aka the most hated ship in EVE.

Achieving 4km/sec is the holy grail in all of this. At that speed, almost no missiles can explode fast enough to do damage to you. Guns can’t track you if you don’t want them to. Drones can’t catch you unless your opponent uses lights and has insane drone skills. The downside is unless you use missiles or drones, you might have a hard time hitting them back.

The last component of to tie it all together is tactics. Knowing how to pulse a MWD. Choosing the right fittings and highslots. Knowing which ships can catch you and do damage. Staying out of web range. Skills.

Pilots that have this figured out are unbeatable. They will either blow you up or run away at the time of their choosing. You will not win against this opponent. There is no counter except be faster or have a bigger blob with you. That’s really my beef with the speed of EVE now. Every tactic has a counter. ECM/ECCM, sensor damp/sensor boost, nos/cap boost. The only counter to nano is: initiate self destruct sequence.

The unfortunate side effect of all of this is: all ships must have microwarpdrive. Also, plates are out of fashion because they slow down your agility so much. This is unfortunate for Amarr especially, which rely on that armor buffer and also have few midslots to spare. In the age of bubble camps and nano ships, if you employ these tactics your lifespan will be short in nullsec.


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Good advice I will keep in mind

Comment by Sizz

[…] flooding our system. Like clockwork they warped immediately to the belt. Naturally, they were nanoed up. Some of the friendlies got caught on asteroids and couldn’t align quickly enough to get out. […]

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