Station warfare at its finest
February 17, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Fleet battle

I recently joined a new corp and alliance. It was hard to say goodbye to the corp that I joined the day it was formed and built it up to a nice crew of great guys. But I needed a change of scenery and to see if I can make it in 0.0.

Over the course of two weeks I started moving assets to my new home out into the wild frontier. I managed to get most of my ships out there with minimal losses. I got used to the regional politics. Basically a few months ago it was run by one of the largest alliances in EVE until they left. Now there’s a pirate group and an anti-pirate group in a power struggle in this one constellation.

I got thrown into the thick of things quickly. The second day I was a member one of our friendly alliances got sieged at their newish POS (player owned station). We had decent intel on their fleet and several friendly alliances got in position at the POS. We were outnumbered with our two dreads and two carriers versus about 6 dreads and 6 carriers.

Still we were feeling good because we had a lot of support ships, not to mention the POS defenses. This POS was loaded up and ready to party. The fight was on and we started right off on their support fleet. They were dropping fairly slowly. At first we chalked it up to a lot of carrier repairing. We took out some enemy fighters but not many ships. After a few minutes to me it felt like something was wrong. Ventrillo was chirping with instructions from the fleet commander and the capital pilots. The POS gunner was calling out targets.

The enemies destroyed one dread and one carrier. Again I thought to myself, shouldn’t we have taken down at least one capital ship by now? After all, the defenders have the advantage usually, right? I didn’t have time to fully analyze because I found myself on the wrong end of one of a carrier’s group of fighters. I turned around and started heading for safety of the POS shield. I was picking up speed as my shield and armor melted away like butter. By this time a couple more battleships started lighting up my poor Dominix. “Damage control don’t fail me now,” I said out loud. I made it into the safety of the shield with 40% hull remaining. At this point I could only wait and watch the fight while I reloaded, reeled in my drones, and repaired my armor.

By this time the 3rd friendly capital ship was exploding. A minute or two of silence passed. Then a peculiar message came over the communication channel:

POS Gunner: “Uhh guys you’re going to hate me.”

Fleet commander: “Huh?”

Gunner: “I’ve been locking targets with the POS guns but I forgot to fire them.”

So that must be why we weren’t winning.

FC: “Would you mind opening fire now?

Gunner: “OK

Lo and behold, he started popping enemy battleships like popcorn. The remaining ships we had, we were able to scare off the rest of the fleet. The station was damaged but functioning.

I learned a lot that day.


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No. WAY.

Keelhaul that Gunner! Set ‘im adrift wihtout a pod!

Comment by Sizz

LOL! Thanks for that story, I needed that. 🙂

Comment by Kirith Kodachi

Yeah. Our alliance has like a half dozen people who have trained the POS gun control skill now. Funny how an incident like that can effect your skill training plan.

Comment by derekest

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