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February 23, 2008, 10:04 pm
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What differentiates Eve from the other MMO’s? At first glance you might say the PVP combat, the single server universe, or the player driven economy. You’d be right, but one that gets left out is the community. When I first started playing I was shocked as I slowly found out about all the different aspects of it.

I’ve played a few MMO’s like WoW, Everquest 1 and 2, and DAOC. They all had forums – mostly people whining about class balance and saying O RLY and YA RLY with a sprinkling of Lern 2 Play.

A lot of Eve’s strength stems from the one server architecture. In other games, you read the forums and hear about some of the goings on, but you don’t care because there are 49 other servers that you’ll never play on. In Eve you read about events, wars, or thefts and you often know the players or the alliances involved. Even if you haven’t come across these pilots, there are a lot of “famous” alliances and you start to understand the players and the politics involved, which is so compelling. A nice side effect is the best community in MMO’s today.

The other unique feature is the fact that the community has many different facets. There’s everything from a print magazine, an internet radio station with real players DJing, to the internet TV station (which is now on hiatus).  Let’s see Blizzard do that!

Trade is another aspect that enhances the community. In WoW you can go to the universe-wide auction house and see every item for sale in the entire game. Crafting is in the game but is mostly for token items, nothing that is necessary to be successful. Contrast that with Eve which is a true player-driven economy. There is an “auction house” of sorts, but it’s only region-wide. This opens up many different markets for industrialists to corner the market or carve out a niche. It also opens up the angle where build requests and trades happen back and forth over Evemail, forums, or the in-game contract system. Some of the rarer items such as capital ships make that player interaction and even generate some famous industrialists.


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The simple reason for the differences between Eve and other MMOs is the steep learning curve and the skill system.

Because of the steep learning curve, the game attracts a different crowd. Individuals plan for long term goals months out. In your common MMO, an individual can achieve everything reasonable within a few months. In eve, you need to plan very long term.

The skill system does not reward grinding or playing more hours per week. This differs from all other MMOs. Achievers who enjoy accomplishing tasks with a quick reward are disappointed with Eve.

Comment by Conrad O'Radcon

Good summary…

I would agree that it is the sense of community that makes Eve feel just so much more than something like WoW.

It is most definitely something you become aware of once you move into 0.0, where the realities of Alliance politics suddenly are very important.

Comment by WTM

Someone posted a good comparison somewhere recently. WoW has 9 million subscribers. Eve has 300,000. Is WOW the better game?
Maybe in some respects. It is easier to jump into and figure out and get that quick sense of achievement.
In some ways WOW is McDonalds and Eve is Culvers (if I can use a regional reference). McDonalds has more customers but Culvers is delicious.

Comment by derekest

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