The Killboard Phenomenon
February 28, 2008, 11:28 am
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When PVPer’s in Eve get a kill, they get a in-game record of it that they can upload and share with friends or enemies. This is affectionately known as the killmail.

There has been some elaborate web software written that parses out the text and displays it for the world to see on the interwebs. Eve corps and alliances use it to brag, share intel, and generally keep the group apprised of what’s going on in space.

Some of the killboards display elaborate graphics such as this one as their header:


I’m amazed at some of the use of these killboards. A lot of times it’s used as war propaganda of sorts that rivals some of the old WW2 posters.

 Look at how many ships we’re destroying! Join the battle now!

The funny part is the alliances that don’t post their losses. This enables them to brag about their kill:death ratio and show how well they’re coming out financially. The efficiency percentage is calculated, and generally you want to be as close to 100% as possible. These shameful alliances may post some of their losses but not all of them, cleverly leaving out the most embarassing ones.

There are entire forum threads on Scrapheap Challenge where funny or contraversial killboard links are posted up.

It can also be used in planning an attack. By looking at a potential enemy’s killboard you find out who are their PVPers to watch out for, what are they flying, and what times and places are they active. Pilots looking for a new corp can use a killboard as their personal resume’.

I’ve also used it to find interesting or even tragic ship fittings.

Carriers are the swiss army knife of eve? No, I’d say it’s the killboards instead.


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I’d like to see Official Killboards like EA’s Battlefield 2 or Tracked on the SOE Station Service for games like EQ2 and Vanguard.

Statistics tracked by Concord could help push the bounty/revenge roleplaying factor and fit in with a Science Fiction Universe. Folks would need to back up their bragging. Concord could charge for kill/damage statistics in systems below 4.0 Security.

Comment by Conrad O'Radcon

Something official from Concord would be nice. They could take it a step further and put in scoring metrics like in BF2 or others. BF2 has things like most played kit, shot accuracy, headshots, rank, and medals achieved.
It would add a new dimension to compare your stats universe wide in Eve. You win the award for fewest shots landed, fastest speed achieved, or biggest wrecking shot.

Comment by derekest

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