The Joy of Sovereignty
March 10, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Moving to a new space, the alliance sought greener pastures. We were tired of the station games that our old piece of NPC space was a daily occurrence. It was hard to get good PVP gangs together since we were defending… nothing. We were also in a region where there were 3-5 stations in every system.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. We’ve moved most combat ships with a few carrier jumps out to our new home. We removed the old tenants’ towers and began anchoring our own death star stations. Sovereignty is ours! I didn’t realize what the big deal was until it happened. We now control our own destiny. Our alliance decides who can prosper and who is starved out. Who can dock and who has to go to the next region to dock. That’s real power.  Now the defenders have the advantage, for once.

Once we get our bearings there’s all kinds of benefits to holding sov for a few weeks:

  • Less POS fuel usage
  • Cynosural field jammers
  • Jump bridges
  • Capital shipyards

Hopefully it all works out and the alliance will feel like they are fighting for something more than just killboard stats. We’re now defending our home.


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