Suicide Ganking Thoughts
March 30, 2008, 3:22 pm
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Goonswarm is at it again. They have declared war on highsec miners and haulers and have been attacking them in highsec!

This has generated quite the reaction in the Eve-O forums. The reaction has varied between threatening to quit the game all the way up to ship fittings on a mining ship to withstand a suicide gank.

Most people realize that Eve is what’s called a “hardcore MMO,”but this is a significant development. When a 3000+ player alliances declares war on carebears in empire, people take notice.

So, how do they do it? Teams of 3 to 10 pilots in battlecruisers and battleships gather up in a busy system, often near Jita. One that has enough players that they can show up without causing a scene. One of the pilots uses the scanner to find a belt with a lonely miner. They get close enough to activate their cargo scanner and observe the miner. It helps if it doesn’t look like the miner is active in their pod, which means they are less likely to activate defenses or try to warp off. If their cargo has some goodies in it, they are a likely target.

The gankers warp in, everyone attacks, and they try to blow up the miner in 10-20 seconds. Depending on the security status, that’s about how long they have before CONCORD shows up. Once that happens, all the offending ships will get blown up (often called CONCORDokken). Someone brings in their alt with a hauler and collects the loot.


So how can this be profitable? The goons use inexpensive tech 1 ships that use short range, high damage weapons with plenty of alpha strike. They insure up to 100% and get their investment back plus whatever loot they collect. Usually it’s not that lucrative, but Goons are in it for the fame and the laughter. Most miners haven’t defended against this kind of attack until now.

In traditional Eve fashion, the devs have mostly stayed out of this issue. They are probably of the opinion that Eve is a PVP game, and it’s not always consensual. CONCORD provides consequences, not safety.

That is all true, but it has never made much sense to me that people who misbehave in highsec still get insurance payouts. If someone in real life used their car to rob banks and club baby seals, if they got caught, would the insurance company pay out for the policy? Probably not. I’m thinking DED should cancel the policy on the ship that is used to attack someone in highsec. This is a good policy because folks can still go for that suicide gank, but not necessarily for profit. It won’t stop the vendetta killings, but it will stop the griefing for a bit of isk.


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