There’s a spy in our midst
April 19, 2008, 12:22 pm
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There’s a spy in our midst.


It all started up in our home system. An alliance mail went out with the date, time and location. A forum post went out too. The operation started up, the hulks, mining barges, and haulers got underway. Security got in position in the belt. And then it happened…

All of a sudden, reds started flooding our system. Like clockwork they warped immediately to the belt. Naturally, they were nanoed up. Some of the friendlies got caught on asteroids and couldn’t align quickly enough to get out. An enemy interdictor bubble went up, and it was all over. Hundreds of millions in alliance assets gone. More smacktalking for the killboards.

Naturally a lot of questions were brought up. The perfect timing of the enemy, the fact they knew our numbers and exactly which belt they’d be at was all too convenient.

We have a spy among us. A spy who knows when our operations are happening, what types of ships are present, who the field commanders are. Even who has accents in voice comms.

Someone spent their free time creating a character, moving it out to our location, joining one of the corps, signing up on the forums, listening on voice comms for hours on end. For what? To break up a single mining operation. To relay intel about a few nearly defenseless ships to take out.

That’s the cold blooded game we’re playing in now.


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If you prefer WoW, I hear there are still open slots on some of the servers. 🙂

‘security’ should have been patrolling farther away from the system you where mining in. Two systems out in all directions would have saved you all.

Comment by swiftvoyager

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