Factional Warfare (FW)
July 17, 2008, 7:34 pm
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I recently joined the militia to fight for my faction. I knew I wanted to fight for the Minmatar or the Gallente. While I was born Gallente and have run countless missions for the Navy, I decided for a change of pace and joined a Minmatar corp. After a few weeks of factional pewpew I can report: FW is awesome!

FW is what I imagine Eve to be 3 or 4 years ago. There’s a ton of frigates, cruisers, and destroyers running around popping each other. If you’re in a BC or *gasp* a tech 2 ship you’re the man! That is to say, a man with too much isk on his hands because in general you’re going to lose your ship very frequently. Each militia has a channel to coordinate attacks and share intel, if you can call it that. It’s pretty disorganized and discombobulated, which adds to the glory of it all. There are a few FC’s in each faction that are making a name for themselves. Here’s my breakdown, in order of members.

Amarr are the smallest and least active at the moment. My spies tell me they have more drama than a mexican soap opera too. Some of the Amarr corps have even started fighting each other. That being said, a great bunch to fight against and they will suicide into your blob just for the glory of it.

Minmatar tend to have a lot of high training points and like to capture a the majority of complexes just for bragging rights. A very tight community, and they bring the fight to whoever they can find. They use intel well and relay a lot of information back and forth. When there’s lack of fights they find whatever the Gallente are up to and scavenge a few kills off them.

Gallente are fairly well organized and have good FCs. This is the faction that quite a few pvp alliances broke up into corps and joined up, so the skill level is very high.

Caldari by far have the most players, and have a high ratio of noobs and mission runners learning to pvp. They will bring a blob of 100 ships before you know what happened. They also are getting pretty good at setting traps and locking systems down. A wiley bunch, and fun to fight against.

The math nerds have come up with factional warfare statistics that gets updated on a regular basis. Check out this site! This is a graph of kills in the last 7 days by each faction.

I hope the trend continues and it brings more people to know and love PVP. The entire universe can only benefit from more exposure to blowing each other up. It helps industrialists, pirates, and the militias.

Good luck, and fly safe-ish.


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Nice breakdown, very interesting! I have rolled a Gallente alt to take part in FW, but getting the 0.5 raw standing to join FW is proving to be a PITA!

Comment by ombeve

Yeah standings can be tough for new characters. Check into the COSMOS agents and see if you can get a head start that way. Otherwise you may be best off doing quick courier missions to spam the storyline missions that come in.

Comment by derekest

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