Nanoships 2: Electric boogaloo
July 31, 2008, 3:13 pm
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I couldn’t believe the dev blog when I saw it. I checked the calendar and it wasn’t April Fools day.

Speed is getting nerfed in EVE in a big way. I discussed this issue a while back and it has been a topic of endless forum posts.

A few of the highlights: stacking penalties will be introduced between the mass mods as well as the speed mods. Also, the larger the ship hull, the harder it will be to get up to speed. In other words, any cruiser will be inherently slower than any frigate. Any battleship will be inherently slower than any battlecruiser, and so on.

I’m torn on this issue. Some of the changes are important and overdue, and others leave me scratching my head. The devs have been pretty open that they’re open to feedback, but the problem is it isn’t being served up in a constructive manner yet.

  • Warp scramblers (the short range kind) will now shut off your microwarp drive as well.
  • Webifiers will only reduce speed by ~50% instead of ~80%.
  • Nanofibers and polycarbs will be nerfed when you stack them.
  • Overdrives will have a numeric decrease in effectiveness.
  • Mobile warp disruptors *might* get reduced in diameter.

I support the nerfing of speed generally but this borders on extreme. I was frustrated when a lot of the ships I went up against could attack my gangmates and then run away at any time. Never commit to a fight. This may introduce some new tactics such as *gasp* putting a tank on a ship for pvp as well as the return of remote repairing. But I think speed should be a viable tactic, but have some risk to using it.

My head is still spinning with all of the side effects to this change. I doubt the devs have though about the domino effect of this.

++Caldari and Amarr in general and their HACs in particular
+Assault frigs
+Gallente recons
+plate setups
+neut setups
+lol, targetpainters
+RR battleship gangs
+any insurable ship
+bubble camps

blasterboats (especially Deimos, bah)
HAC gangs as we know it
anything that likes to fight below 9k distance
small gangs in 0.0
Minmatar eafs
Minmatar recons
tackle inties

I hope the community gives this issue some thought and some constructive feedback. Tests on SiSi need to be thorough, and the CSMs need to be engaged with the developers. It’s a big change at once. I would like to see new gang mechanics introduced other than speed and big blobs. I hope they hit the mark but this seems a bit extreme!


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Sometimes it’s better to pull the band-aid quickly then to do it bit by bit.

Nevertheless I agree that this is a big one, and hopefully CCP has it the mark. Otherwise, the CSM will have it’s hands full with this hot potato!

Comment by Crazykinux

It’s been almost a month since your last post. Hope all is well with you mate!


Comment by Crazykinux

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