Psy-ops against carebears
September 2, 2008, 8:15 am
Filed under: eve

I finally got around to training recon ships. Right about the same time, my corp decided to drop out of factional warfare in favor of harassing a nearby 0.0 alliance. As it turns it it’s an alliance of about 400, which sounds menacing compared to our 50 or so active players. But the enemies’ percentage seems to be about 75% carebears and 25% pvpers.

The tactics that we started employing were roll in heavy with remote rep battleships with ECM support and a dictor bubble. This would get them all fired up about having a slugfest. Once that fight is over roll in the next night with small groups of cloaky recon gangs. These gangs would run through their gate camps and go straight for their carebearing systems.

This does two things – it keeps the enemy on their toes, not knowing which type of gang is coming their way. If they guess wrong they’re sending battleships against recons, or maybe even worse for them, recons against battleships.

The great thing about the recon playstyle is once you get a few good bookmarks and start figuring out how to scan their systems down, you play on your terms. Need to go afk for a couple hours? Cloak up in a safe. You’ll still be freaking out some of their miners and ratters who see you in local.
If you do it right you’re shutting down part of their industrial and isk-making backbone for a while.

Once a target of opportunity presents itself, then you can commit to the fight.


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Great approach–that sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to more stories related to this initiative.

Comment by Mynxee

Sounds like a nice tactic, but you should really keep in mind that they might decide to strike back somehow. Even a miner know *how* to run a frigate and blob you 😉

Let us know how it goes 😉

Comment by Solemn Phoenix

Yeah, they may surprise us and actually fight back in an unpredictable way. If so, cheers that just means it makes it more interesting.

Comment by derekest

That sounds amazingly fun! If you need, or want, any help I would be glad to take up arms on some of your operations.

I don’t know how much help I would be at 2 mill SP, but I’m willing to help in exchange for the learning experience.

Eve-mail me if interested.

~Placebo Effect

Comment by Placebo Effect

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