Navy ships for carebearing
October 4, 2008, 12:28 pm
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I recently had the opportunity of having quite a bit of extra isk in my wallet for once.  Usually when I get close to 100 million in my wallet I snap and buy some sort of unnecessary ship. Or worse, hatch a harebrained money making scheme like selling +5 implants in 0.0.

This time I got the shopping itch and decided it would be fun to buy a faction battleship. I only really have the skills to fly a Navy Apoc or a Bhaalgorn, so I went with the Apoc. All the other ships I’d embarass myself in and probably get blown up by an NPC somewhere in empire. The Navy Apoc has twice the shields as well as an extra lowslot.

As it turns out I was a little short on isk, so I borrowed a couple hundred million from a friend (who charged me 5% interest). What can go wrong with this plan, right? I’ll be making money twice as fast because of the Navy ship, yeah? I was using a cheaply fitted Dominix with tech 2 drones previously. So I dumped the Domi and went to work. I made my own CCC rig and fitted it up quite nicely with Tech 2 Megapulse and lots of cap recharge and resistance plating. The single LAR2 seems to do the repair job nicely. With the extra lowslot I put in one more Capacitor Power Relay 2.

I began cranking out the missions for the Sebestior Tribe until I got to one of the best agents available. Now that I finally have the ship, I have the standings, and I’m in positon I can start grinding the isk.

I will say it’s been a couple of weeks and it will probably take a couple more weeks to break even on this endeavor. But EVE is a long term game and it will pay off dividends in the end!

I finally paid off my loansharking friend. Or so I think…


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What you need to do after paying off your Navy Apocalypse is go on a suicide run into an enemy sector with a corp you just declared war against! You will need to be careful who you choose to declare war against – someone with deep pockets, but no appetite for a drawn out war.

To end hostilities you need to demand a ridiculous tribute. After you do your suicide run, your enemies will fear your corp.. thinking their ships will be outclassed and they will not be able to fund a fleet needed to win! They will gladly pay off the tribute and declare peace.

Nobody uses Navy/Faction ships on hopeless suicide runs right? Now is YOUR chance!

Comment by Conrad O'Radcon

Or you could just take it ratting in Hevrice *evil grin*

Comment by wensley

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