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October 13, 2008, 9:15 pm
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Those of you former residents of Norrath will remember the Everquest progression servers. These were servers that were launched in 2007 that started with no expansions applied. There were no Vah-Shir, no beastlords or any of that nonsense. The tunnel in Commonlands was the one and only auction zone. Then after a number of weeks they unveiled Kunark. A few more weeks pass and then Velious is released. After that, Luclin.

I want that for Eve.

You could copy your character over just like Singularity and then the premise would be for two weeks you’d be in a different early phase in Eve. You’d start out with ONLY tech 1 ships. If you had a Destroyer or *gasp* a cruiser you’d be the bringer of mass explosions.

Then Castor is released and tech 2 frigates are in the game along with modules. Conquerable stations are sprinkled into 0.0.

Two more weeks pass for Red Moon Rising and exhumers, force recon ships, command ships, interdictors, and capitals are added in.

Next, Revelations. Boosters, rigs, and scan probes are in.

Reveleations II brings us level 5 agents, sovereignty changes, and Amarr balancing.

This is where it gets frozen. Think of all the possibilities, tactics, and ship build craziness you could implement along the way.

Want your interceptor to have two microwarpdrives? Go for it. That NOS DOMI OF d00M? Go nuts. Apocalypse with 7 heat sinks and no stacking penalty? It’s in the cards. Or maybe the 4km/sec Typhoon is your style.

The rest of the fits that you haven’t taken out for years are all on the table: ECM Scorps, Sniper Tempest, Thorax with 8 heavies, plated claws, damp-arty-rapier. Whatever suits your fancy.

Bring it on!

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Nice idea. Mind you, the problem with re-living the past is that it’s never as good as you remember it. However, in some cases with EVE, maybe it was. I’d go back to Exodus myself. POSs were too much of an abstraction… still are.

Comment by Zapatero

[…] offered up an interesting thought in his post,  It could be fun, just have a lot of the balance patches removed on a play around server event.  […]

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