Finally an Amarr boost. 56% more cowbell.
February 4, 2008, 1:59 pm
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It seems the devs have actually been listening to Amarr pilots. They alluded to this in a dev chat podcast right after Fanfest but the details have emerged.

According to this dev blog they are boosting several ships. The Omen and Zealot get an additional turret. In addition they turned the Apocalypse into a sniper boat with a 200km+ effective range.

The Omen and Zealot could use some more damage, but the question becomes: how are they going to fit another turret with no additional CPU boost? I’ve been procrastinating buying my first Zealot but I will have to get one soon before the price soars in Syndicate. Man, it’s hard getting my hands on some tech 2 heavy pulse lasers.

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