Titan Madness
April 3, 2008, 2:30 pm
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The titans are taking over.


Yesterday while trying to make some isk ratting, I saw a strange message come over the intel channel. “Enemy Avatar in system!!”

Avatar? Isn’t that the Amarr Titan? WTF is it doing here?

As it turns out, it was just there to jump a bunch of battleships into our system as a projection of power from one of our main competitors. They didn’t even attack anyone before they took off. Strange. I didn’t think I’d see a titan, even though it was just on scan, especially not in my home system. It did cause quite a stir, which was probably the intent.

I didn’t know much about titans before. They seemed like such an endgame element that I didn’t expect to see in my semi-casual Eve experience. I did some research and found out a lot of interesting stuff.

They can fire a doomsday device, which does a massive amount of area of effect damage that can pretty much take out most ships cruiser and below. It can carry a large fleet (think battleship size) with it in its cargo hold. Friendly characters can jump clone into its hull. In other words, it’s awesome.

I hadn’t really heard much about them  since the incident when Band of Brothers pilot Shrike lost the first titan a few months back (news story here).

 I then found something disturbing. There’s an estimated 25+ Titans in the Eve universe right now. Some estimates go up into the 40-50 range. When you do the math, if an alliance had six titans that all fired their doomsday, it would instapop most capital ships in its range. That’s insane! CCP is going to have to do something like put a limitation on number of titans in a system.

It’s a difficult situation because the devs aren’t going to want to nerf the ships into uselessness, but the sheer amount of these ships in play must have exceeded their design.

Next time you see a titan…



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It’s certainly insane, but really not unexpected. All it takes to build them is time and ISK when you get right down to it, and as difficult as they are to destroy, you’d assume the developers would figure on it getting to a point where more titans have been built than have been destroyed.

Comment by Havohej

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